NATIONAL SECURITY SEALS is an independent and privately owned South African Company. We subscribe to the culture of being customer driven, focusing on providing products that add value in the eyes of our customers.

Our unique company structure whereby we go from initial design to finished product under one-roof enables us to offer the following benefits:

  • Cost effectiveness due to no middle man
  • Quick response to any product development the customer may require
  • Absolute security due to no transportation of goods from manufacture to final packing
  • Entire manufacturing process is done under one roof


NATIONAL SECURITY SEALS offers an onsite risk assessment service where the level of security required is assessed. Factors considered would include: the value of the cargo, nature of the product, product value, theft, tampering and the nature of the journey. The most suitable seal for the application would then be recommended.

We also offer advice on how to implement an effective seal control system, and would assist in designing a seal register within your environment. This will ensure the correct management of seals, and result in people being accountable within the system.