The highest quality for the past 30 years- National Security Seals

National Security Seals Tamper and non-tamper evident control for goods such as containers, cash bags, cash boxes, gas bottles, fire extinguishers and tote bins. We have a wide range of seals such as Suretite, Suregas, Cable lock seals, Bolt seals, Fire seals, Pad locks, Nylock seals, Ring seals, Metal strap seals and Cash bags with our Envopoly seals.

We are committed to producing competitively priced, high quality, customizable security seals, and other security devices with short lead times and a strong commitment to customer service and peace of mind solutions.
We manufacture barcoded seals for all industries to eliminate the possibility of human error. When data is entered manually, there’s always the chance that a recording mistake might occur. Barcode scans are not only reliable, they also take infinitely less time than data entry by hand. Barcoded seals come in various types, such as pull-tight, cable, bolt, strap, and plastic padlock seals.


NSS has a 100% black woman owned company trading off our premises, the core function for establishing this company is to facilities NSS with all our internal assemblies of our seals.